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hankisland's Journal

The Island where Hank calls "home"
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This, is Hank Island. I don't know how you made it here, but you must be important if you made it. Sure, everyone is important in their own way, but you must be special for getting here. Hank Island is a place of nothing but anything you've ever wanted in life that you never got, and anything else. Just read a few entries for a better idea of what goes on here, or what you've missed if you're new.

Hank Island was mainly for original songs/poems, but it's developed into a place where you can put whatever you want in it. I always post things to add onto the legacy of the alternate universe of Hank. But I won't tolorate you posting songs done by other people or musicians. You can only join this online version of the paradise via invite. Intruders are unacceptable.

Yumiko- Second in command
Sakina- Ms. Odadjian
tangledweave- Vainglorious Trumpeter of Doom
Paulie- Princess of Golden Apples
Mutilations- Undercover Supermodel
rx_marionette- Chibi Reject
Shoopuff- The Sock that Mewed
x_abyss- She does stuff
Belle- Spirit Detective
AFM333- StaticXTREME *snowboards off a burning building*
Kuji- The Interrupter of my Porn Mpegs

You can get most of our info and interests and stuff via our journals. If you join the community, tell me something that you want added to the interests and I will do so.