A.N. Roman (ex_nagi334) wrote in hankisland,
A.N. Roman


One day in China, a panda (who had no name) was exploring the mountains. But all of a sudden, a dog EXPLODES somewhere in a town 4 miles away. And when that dog blew up (it was nuts and a half), the panda fell into a coma. Somehow, they were linked. While in the coma, the panda heard a voice. The voice told him that he needed to find a lobster and give it some rice. He did so, and the lobster granted him any one wish. The panda wished that he was a god, so he wouldn't go into a coma ever again. And when he wished for this, lightning struck him. He transformed into CHIEF PANDA.

Now CHIEF PANDA protects Hank Island and makes sure nothing bad happens there. And that, is the origin of CHIEF PANDA.
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