web weaver (tangledweave) wrote in hankisland,
web weaver

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das poem

this poem is a classic product of insomnia


Taut and thinned
my diaphonous skin
cannot veil the ridges of the moon.
A struggling form
through clouds so warm
full and effulgent with doom.

dancing night,
ever in flight
always in step with my eyes
a plumping shade
about me layed
filling out my thies.

should night end,
red dawn sent forth
spilling endlessly into the land
the moon revealed
the clowds pierced
and the night is filtered through sand.
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I swear, the best ideas come from lack of sleep. Then when you try to write things when sane, it sounds forced.
[nods in agreement] i think that's why i have to wait till last minute to write my school essays- all the best ideas only come then :\
I failed every assignment if I spent tons of time on them. But if I did them the night before (or even the period before), I'd get an 'A' every time. I'm good.