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i wrote this for my humanistic traditions class. its a myth, so yes it is lame.

The Myth of the Day and the Night

Many years ago, when there were neither men nor women, one God created and ruled all the others gods and goddesses, and together they made the world a peaceful and balanced place for animals and plants to live.
There was the god Water, who lived in the seas and had the appearance of a big whale. There was the god Fire, who lived in the mountains and looked like one as well. And among many others, there were the gods of nature, the god Sun and goddess Moon, who had the most important function of all.
Together, the god Sun and the goddess Moon brought life to every plant and every animal, by standing side by side in the sky and mixing their magic rays of light. The god Sun and the goddess Moon were in love, and they were happy to spend the eternity together. There was no day and there was no night, and neither one was necessary, because both gods had the power of life as long as they were together in the sky.
One day, the God who ruled all gods decided He wanted a big forest, filled with all kinds of trees, plants, fruits, and many animals. He wanted the perfect environment so that He could create a man and a woman.
To make that possible, He was going to request help from the god Sun and the goddess Moon. He appeared in the sky:
“God Sun and goddess Moon, I need to use your rays of life to create a big forest.”
The god Sun didn’t see the need for another forest, since the world was full of them.
“And may we ask the reason why Our Master wants another forest?”
Astonished by the god sun’s inconvenient question, the God who ruled all gods made the sky turn gray and stormy.
“You inferior gods have no business asking Your Lord the reasons why He wants what He wants. But since I am determined to make this happen, I will give you an answer. I, the Master of Creation, have decided to create another type of animal. They will be called Humans, and they will be intellectually superior to all the other animals. And for that, I will need a big forest, with good green plants, rich and juicy fruits and strong beautiful animals so the Humans have the perfect environment to live.”
The god Sun seemed a little bothered by this request, for it was certainly not an easy task. Not only that, both gods knew that the God of all gods was capable of doing it Himself, and the only reason why He asked for their help was that He did not want to have to do all the work.
The goddess Moon noticed the God of gods was running out of patience and decided to convince the god Sun to accept the work that was given to them. She whispered to him:
“Your attitude might cost us more than you think, my love. We should be wise and accept this before He starts to storm again.”
But the god Sun was stubborn, and he did not listen to his goddess partner. He said loudly:
“There is no need for the Human Race. The world is fine the way it is, we do not need another species to take care of. I am sorry to say this, My Lord, but I refuse to help You with this. If it is Your wish to create Humans, go ahead and do it Yourself. “
As the goddess Moon feared, the Master of Creation stormed and screamed loudly. The sky went black, and the clouds poured heavy and strong rain.
“Do my ears fool me, or did I just hear you say you will not do what I say, god Sun?”
“No your ears are fine, My Lord. I will keep my word and repeat it: I will not help You with the creation of the useless Human Race, for it is clear to me that they will bring nothing but trouble with their superior intelligence. The nature cycle is perfect the way it is.”
Lightening and strong wind shook the trees, and the heavy rain was already flooding the rivers and lakes. The God of the gods was incredibly angry.
“Wait for your punishment, fool inferior gods. You should have feared me, and now you will pay for it.”
The Master of Creation left the sky. The rain stopped and the sky went back to its original color. Everything looked as if nothing had happened.
Time passed and the god Sun did not seem worried at all about what The Lord might be planning to do with him and his lover, the goddess Moon. He thought that since so much time had passed, The God of gods had probably forgotten about the punishment.
The goddess Moon, disappointed with her lover’s attitude, feared the punishment that waited for them. She knew how horrible their Lord’s punishments could be, like when He turned the goddess of Felines into an overweight tailless gray cat after she tried to kill the god of Birds.
Finally, the God of gods appeared in the sky again, and seemed to have made his decision regarding their punishment.
“I, the Lord of Creation, have decided on the punishment.“
The god of Sun kept his strong attitude.
“I do not fear punishment!”
“Very well then.” He looked at them both and continued. “ I will create the Human Race, and I will also create the Day and the Night. You, god Sun, will be living in the Day. And when it is time for you to rest, you will disappear and the goddess Moon will replace you. The two of you will never be together in the sky again. “
Both gods were speechless. They never thought about the possibility of being apart forever, and now it was going to happen.
The sky turned light blue, and the goddess Moon was beginning to disappear. Desperate, the god Sun tried to talk to the God of gods and take back what he said, but it was too late. The Creator of things was gone, and so was the goddess Moon.
The god Sun lived lonely and guilty for all eternity, and the goddess Moon cried every night, having as company only the stars.

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