A.N. Roman (ex_nagi334) wrote in hankisland,
A.N. Roman


I'll edit more into this whenever I hear more that are cool enough. Here's the ones from my AIM profile thing:

Kuji when seeing the rare Playstation One I have-

"my god...it's a HANK Psone. holy crap it even has a ZOOMER memory card"

Sa'ad on the rapper "Ma$e"-

"he used to have a dollar sign in his name? ahahahahahahahahah the stupid fucker"

Sa'ad on Benjamin Franklin-

"stupid asshole that can't figure out that lightning is electricity"

Sa'ad on...I forget-

"there is this japanese doomsday cult that pumped anthrax into the air for two days, but since they were incompetent and used a form that can't travel in the air, there were no infections"

Mike Tyson on survival-

"I'm always going to survive. Only reason I can't survive is if I'm dead or something."
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