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The Island where Hank calls "home"'s Journal
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in The Island where Hank calls "home"'s LiveJournal:

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Wednesday, November 26th, 2003
4:05 pm
This incarnation of Hank Island will be closed down, but still up for other visitors. With the new community, this one's almost worthless, but it'll remain here for the FAQ, older lyrics, and so nobody else out there takes the name.

-Nagi and Hank
Friday, November 7th, 2003
7:48 pm
New merchandise
Bulletproof Shampoo Moose patches are being made for sale. While only one is down right now, it only takes 25 minutes to make one. They're 7.5" all around.

Pictures in the "other stuff" folder at http://photos.yahoo.com/mujaheddin_nagi
Tuesday, October 28th, 2003
11:03 am
Nevermind the whole missing Takeshi account. He was found this morning playing with the Abdominal Snowman. Thank you for sending funds and KFC Honey BBQ Wings (100% white breast meat), showing your concern.
Wednesday, October 22nd, 2003
1:17 pm
Takeshi, is missing. He was last seen at the Grandpa Elk record store, buying the newest Static-X cd and a corn dog. Should you find him, contact the Hank Island resource booth immediately. If you find him but don't reveal any insight on his where-abouts, I'll kick your ass just like I'm going to kick my Parkinson's Disease's ass. You'll see.

Takeshi...WHERE ARE YOU?
Thursday, October 16th, 2003
1:05 am
I loved you
standing there by the window
watching the cars
looking out at the night sky
and its city of stars.

picking at blisters
i sat by your side
you gave me more wings
but was that really right?

i can speak, but
i can't say these things to you
there aren't words to say
that wouldn't be a lie

Current Mood: bored
Wednesday, October 15th, 2003
12:48 am
The will to live is the most powerful force known to mankind. The shame in it is that it becomes known only when in a life-and-death situation. It is at this time in which the person going through the obstacle realizes everything they've been through can't end so abruptly. Memories of friends, romances, locations, material posessions, any of those things can trigger the will to live. Once the will to live has been activated, only then will the outcome of the situation be determined.


Do you see that? It's happenening again!

Yeah, I see it alright. But why's it happening now?

I don't know. Maybe they did it.

You think so?

'not sure. But I'd rather think that than something else.

Good point. Hey look! It's turning blue again!

[There are no owls.]


As I carry Zoe in my arms and enter the light, very few thoughs pass through my mind. Those thoughts being- how much longer is this going to last? It doesn't matter where we are, we just need rest. And I wonder when they'll get here. Zoe's face is badly beaten, clothes tattered. Getting through that cavern with no light to speak of, save the exit, was tough to overcome. But I did it. Everything I left behind wasn't a nice thing, and I almost regret doing so, but this is what matters. Right here and now.

The light revealed a city, with a chain link fence to our left and right. A trail wound downward, into an undercover area. There were no sounds, just that of the wind. No alarms. No abruptions. No engines. No laughter of children. No easy-feeling calm. Just the wind, doing its given nature. The city didn't look to be more than 30 or 40 years old. There were only sky scrapers, with no signs or company logos on them. Zoe's body flinched with every other step.

Is it a good idea to follow this path to the undercover area? I didn't really have a choice. All we had was what's in the bag and the mirror. That's it. The walls were made of large bricks, painted white. The ceiling went up to about 19 feet, with 2 small lamps hanging down, providing a tolorable source of light. It was after seeing a door in which a car could fit through, that 4 men in uniforms took Zoe from me. I don't know why I didn't say anything, much less try to resist. They took her, and she still had the mirror. She was propped up against a wall, with a small device with a tube attatched between her shoulders. Maybe some sort of healing mechanism?

A door behind me opened. And there he was. The one who I had beat 5 years ago.


You can try to understand someone's life, but don't bother. You're never going to get the full story, no matter how hard you try. There's only so much a person will reveal to you. And sometimes, after what you think is an important discussion, they laugh at you, knowing that you misunderstood. I always said that I'm the best actor I know.


Real tears, false emotions.


Once a year I'll apologize/forgive someone. But I'm not sure about this year, as there's nobody that I want to bring back into my life. The again, it could just be that I never really wanted them in it to begin with.


I started over on May 28th. When did you start over?


The new cuts on my hands are still bleeding.
Tuesday, October 7th, 2003
11:08 am
are we allowed to post drawings here?
anyway. i made this for my sister, it's supposed to be a harry potter #4 book character
bellatrix blackCollapse )
Sunday, October 5th, 2003
9:26 am
i wrote this for my humanistic traditions class. its a myth, so yes it is lame.

The Myth of the Day and the NightCollapse )


Current Mood: blah
Saturday, October 4th, 2003
8:22 pm
Just something
I wrote this earlier today. I'm not sure how I feel about it. It didn't turn out as angry/hurt as I expected it to when I started to write it. It turned out more loving and whatnot. But I suppose when you write about emotions, sometimes you don't really know what you actually feel until you really start to dig.

For you because you're beautiful
So beautiful in my eyes
For you because you're everything
For you because you lie

For you because you held my heart
And because you let it break
For you because you're gone
For you my soul to take

For you all the smiles
That always hid the tears
For you all my love
For you all those years

For you this piece of me
To take as you go
Everything for you
Because I loved you so

Current Mood: drained
Friday, October 3rd, 2003
8:57 pm
Hank Island FAQ
-What is Bulletproof Shampoo Moose?

Bulletproof Shampoo Moose (BSM) was originally an "alternative" group of musicians in late 1999 to early 2001. It was composed of The Flamboyant Bill on vocals, Nagi on guitar and sometimes drums, Yumiko on keyboards/drum machine, and Mustacio on guitar. Most members eventually didn't have time to make music on a regular basis, and they disbanded. The Flamboyant Bill now works in a deli somewhere in Montana, Nagi sells cars online for an up and coming company, Yumiko works in a gift shop at a local hospital, and Mustacio is probably dead somewhere because he thought it'd be cool to start drinking on a daily basis, and using most of his money toward drugs.

During that short time, Bulletproof Shampoo Moose was a mixture of crazy guitar solos, distorted vocals, annoying drum loops, and it was all about publicity. They played 5 whole shows in the 2 years they lasted. Influences of the band at that time were BucketHead, System of a Down, old cartoons like Tom & Jerry, the Beastie Boys, Disney, Aphex Twin, and horror movies.

However, on 5-27-2003, Yumiko and Nagi decided to start BSM up for real, and the music went in a whole new direction. It is now focused more on electronics and finger tapped guitar solos. What little vocals there are, are done with a program that combines voices to make one solid, creepy voice. BSM's first actual recording since the tapes made in July 2000, will be coming this November. Nagi does most of the keyboards, drum machine, and guitar, while Yumiko takes care of programming and most computer work.

-Who are BMS's influences now?

Just to name a very small few:

BucketHead, Farmington View, Alone in the Dark (series), Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Dragon Ash, System of a Down, Disney, Salma Hayek, Audrey Tautou, Michael Jackson, Madonna, non-slutty Jewel, Johnny Cash*, Tinker*, Sadie*, Tobers, Gretchen*, Reis, Mika*, Ginny, Bill Laswell, the number 4, J.S. Bach, Radiohead, Sega, Nintendo, Microsoft, Linux, Radium Z (OG/Taylor), Aphex Twin, Mindless Self Indulgence, Shakira, Sobe (the yellow kind), Tony Bennett, Mick Foley, THA MACHO MAN, Hulk Hogan, Liz Phair, El Mariachi (series), Tyra Banks, yogurt, Fernandes guitars, Gibson Guitar Company, all animals, Takeshi Aono, Looney Tunes, the zoo, Capcom, Squaresoft (except for that mistake which was FF7), Donkey Kong Country, Zero, Rush, Tenchi Muyo! OVA, Berserk, Yellow Machinegun, Anji, Saitou, Hiei, KFC's honey bbq wings (100% white chicken breast), Russia, Sa'ad, Randy Hubbard, Mike + Paul Nishizaki, Cindi McAdams, Aaron Dixon, Rick Johnson, Zoe, Paulie, Steve, William Stuart/Stewart, and of course that one guy. Right Kuji?

-What songs/tracks has BSM put out?

While many tracks were not given names upon production, the Hank Island members in charge of the music vault have compiled the following list:

-King f'n Kong
-Mr. Dolay
-Hank on Lookout
-Takeshi + Nozomi
-Jade Visions
-Discombobulated Verbo Alank
-Haw Haw Carrot
-The Zoo at Midnight
-Punch your girlfriend in the neck and push her down a flight of stairs

-What is Hank Island?

Hank Island is an uncharted island where the souls of the deceased go. There, they go under the sand and rest for 4 years. In that time, they become palm trees. With time, the palm trees grow coconuts. Once the coconuts fall, they break open (they aren't very hard), and a Hank comes out. You can
visit Hank Island if you know someone with directions, or if you answer a series of very difficult trivia questions. Hank Island's temperature is always 89 degrees during the day, and always 72 degrees at night. There are stores, movie theaters, lush jungles, lakes, and an underground mountain.

-What is a Hank?

He's the lovable rabbit with an antenna you see on the icon. He's actually tan with a yellow antenna ball, but that red icon is the best picture we have of a Hank.

-Were there any music videos by BSM?

Yes, but just one. It was made on June 19th, 2003. It was for the track "Takeshi + Nozomi". The video can be purchased for 2 dollars through the BSM website. The video had dolls of Takeshi flying through a forest at night, searching for his love- Nozomi. He ran into much trouble on the way, but made it to her in the end.

-What is the address for the band's website?

The website isn't for many people to view. It's not to be stuck up or in hiding or anything, but it just has too much that not many would understand at the moment. If you want a hint, it's not what you think it'd be. In fact, it's an official ".com" version of the title of the site from 2000. The site contains photo galleries, merchandise, lyrics, tabs, and a few cheaply designed games.

-I saw CHIEF PANDA at Lloyd Center on September 29th, 2003. What was he doing?

CHIEF PANDA, Nagi, and Yumiko were at Lloyd Center from 10:44 am - 12:44 pm handing out buttons, flyers, patches, and 3 tapes that they had left over from the whole programming incident in July. CHIEF PANDA ran into some trouble with a custodian, but using his powers, was able to take care of the matter before it grew menacing. The group also got 3 dollars for watching a movie preview of "Elf" as part of a survey. They bought incredible things with that three dollars.

-What are the lyrics for "Punch your girlfriend in the neck and push her down a flight of stairs"?

I wanna get freaaaaky with yooooooooou
Smack me in the face

Girl, I wanna give you third degree burns on your eye
Punch you in the neck until you die
An' when your mom opens the door
I'll push you down the stairs and yell "YOU FUCKING HOAR."

You need something calm
How about I run the bath water
And all because I sold my cherry for a goat

Sell your children on the black market

...the song you heard on the tape was actually unfinished. That laughter you heard was Yumiko's: she couldn't sing this while maintaining a straight face. We don't know why.

-Can I get an antenna?

I'm sorry, antennas are out of stock until the palm trees grow more.

-What happened to the spatula?

Sadly, it was lost in an epic struggle between Nagi and the Discombobulated Verbo Alank. While both fighters tried their hardest, both their weapons were lost in a flash of light. If you see it, please contact Hank Aide at the email address found on the home page.

-What is the "Discombobulated Verbo Alank"?

In January 2000, Nagi's science teacher gave out science crossword puzzles. But one answer wasn't found, and when he asked for help, she said "if must be some weird blank". Sure enough "some weird blank" fit. The only problem was that the 'b' in "blank" was already filled with an 'a'. "Alank" was born. Soon after, he overheard someone say something in spanish at Winco about a turkey. "discombobulated" and "verbo" stood out. Just months later, the three words came out of Nagi's mind when he was sleeping. They fused together to create the most wicked beast in history. You can find a picture of it at


in the "other stuff" folder. Beware. Viewing the artist's rendition of it has been known to cause pregnancy regardless of gender.

-It's "whore", not "hoar".

That isn't a question, as it's missing a question mark, but you are wrong. "Whore" is just "who're" minus the apostrophe. "Hoar" is much better, and is funner to spell.

-Who'd Hank kill to get that facial expression?

If we told you, we'd have to skip buying you a Halloween present.
Saturday, September 20th, 2003
5:28 pm
I'll edit more into this whenever I hear more that are cool enough. Here's the ones from my AIM profile thing:

Kuji when seeing the rare Playstation One I have-

"my god...it's a HANK Psone. holy crap it even has a ZOOMER memory card"

Sa'ad on the rapper "Ma$e"-

"he used to have a dollar sign in his name? ahahahahahahahahah the stupid fucker"

Sa'ad on Benjamin Franklin-

"stupid asshole that can't figure out that lightning is electricity"

Sa'ad on...I forget-

"there is this japanese doomsday cult that pumped anthrax into the air for two days, but since they were incompetent and used a form that can't travel in the air, there were no infections"

Mike Tyson on survival-

"I'm always going to survive. Only reason I can't survive is if I'm dead or something."
Friday, September 19th, 2003
12:59 am
Why give it up?
Why do people sometimes pick death over life?
Is it because it's the easiest thing to do?
Really, what right do we have to take away something so precious?
See it like this- when you consider killing another, you're killing a child.
We're all children to someone.

When I look back
at every single person I've hurt
do I feel sympathy?
I do.
Did some of them have it coming to them?
I'm not proud
of how I had to take some of them out
but it's my obligation
as a human
to help people that need it
and move onto the next
Why don't I talk to them anymore?
I'm not angry at any of them really.
I just have nothing to say.

You can shed your tears
and whittle away at my time
but it won't make a difference
I will come out on top

I can promise you this-
we'll meet again
not anytime soon
but it will happen
and when it does
will you hate me
or will you forgive me?
Whichever you chose, it doesn't matter to me
in the time that I left
I've changed for the better
and I don't have other people in my life to thank
to give praise and submit to
I've came so far in so little time
it's really amazing
how I'm a whole new person
you'll be able to tell
from the second you lay eyes on me once more
and the only thing I'll have to ask you is
"has it been as good for you as it was for me?"

I don't believe in fate
I don't believe in karma
I don't believe in destiny
I do believe that we should respect eachother
our choices
our beliefs
our freedom
we're all just people when it comes down to it
we'll never know what the other is thinking

A newborn lay dying
he never had a chance
Keep moving on
don't give it a second glance
It's just a baby
he's just like all children
crying, screaming
just wanting attention
Keep moving on
A newborn lay dying
his heart beat slows down
his fragile body
montionless on the ground
he deserved it
he had it coming
it doesn't matter what his name is
he'll be gone before you know it
the mother was a slut
she slept around with men
infested with death
it doesn't matter who the father is
the child's a disease ridden mongrel
and we're glad that he's dead
A newborn lay dead
and only now do we care
we cry at the sight
it's all with dispair
why did such a terrible thing happen
to one who just arrived?
if someone had seen him
he could have survived
and with no one to claim responsibility
an innocent, is lost for eternity

It makes me sick when people complain about how hard life is, when they live in a nice house. When they have meals that they can eat without thinking about how it came to be.

You can take it all away from me.
You can have my vision
my hearing
my taste
my memories
and my soul
but it'll still leave me as a better off person than you could ever hope to be

You're not the woman I fell in love with
or did I fall in love with you even?
Did I just say it to keep you at ease?
Or did I really mean it?

Molecular fox
radiant with flair
guided swiftly with ambition
follow him if you dare!
a brilliant eye
wreathed in flame
always feeling
always pounding
at how to win the game

If I die before I wake, call the necromancer.
Thursday, September 18th, 2003
5:11 am
it's five in the morning
and i'm eating a corndog
even though my diet
says "don't consume hog!"

off the top of my head
i'm chewin and thinkin
i make dr. pepper
the cursor is blinkin

oh, all i want is a hank plushie
to arrive by ups at my door
all i want in life is a hank plushie
but nagi won't make em no more

please won't you make one?
i promise i won't hate you
hank is really cute
i'd be the envy of my crew

oh, all i want is a hank plushie
so my heart won't be so sore
nagi thinks that they are curséd
so he won't make em any more

this is off the top of my head
and so i know it sucks
i bet you'd make a hank for me
if i paid you twenty bucks

all i want is a hank plushie
to show up at my door
i put one on my wish list
but naaaaaaaagiiiiiiiiiiiiii
won't maaaake them anyyyyyyymooooooooooooooooooooooooooore!

the end!

Current Mood: cheesy
Sunday, September 14th, 2003
11:02 pm
Portions of "Hank on Lookout"
Here we come
Over the stars
To our new beginning
We chose different paths
Different faiths
But in the end
All that mattered
Was how good we were
To one another

No matter how different you think you are,
we're all the same. We just have different
views of what is right and what is wrong.

I hear them call to me.
Friday, September 12th, 2003
11:33 pm
I just wrote this about 8 minutes ago. It's not very good, and it just came to me off the top of my head when I was going through a photo album. This is for Gretchen. It's long overdue, and she passed away in May, but I felt I should post it so I have it somewhere safe.

'never had a chance
to tell you how I felt
even after I broke it apart
we kept pieces of eachother
they're all I have left

you were a story book of the ages
and you still are
I tell them to myself every night
hoping that they make the pain go away
when all they bring are tears, it still makes me smile inside

when I was with you
I felt like I could take on anything
even a phone call made the day
but then I had to go and do what I'm best at
sending all of what could have been straight to hell

your lipstick
your cigarettes
your make up
I miss them all
I can still smell them
taste them
I miss them all

even if you're gone
you give me the courage
the confidence
things I lacked before
I've never felt so alive
I just wish I could share it with you
Friday, September 5th, 2003
3:26 pm

Current Mood: content
Tuesday, August 26th, 2003
4:05 pm
THE ICON *thunder crashes*
I made an icon for the community. Well, more like edited the picture in my gallery then saved the thumbnail to use as the icon.

But the fact remains...HANK IS HERE.
Thursday, August 21st, 2003
5:10 pm
One day in China, a panda (who had no name) was exploring the mountains. But all of a sudden, a dog EXPLODES somewhere in a town 4 miles away. And when that dog blew up (it was nuts and a half), the panda fell into a coma. Somehow, they were linked. While in the coma, the panda heard a voice. The voice told him that he needed to find a lobster and give it some rice. He did so, and the lobster granted him any one wish. The panda wished that he was a god, so he wouldn't go into a coma ever again. And when he wished for this, lightning struck him. He transformed into CHIEF PANDA.

Now CHIEF PANDA protects Hank Island and makes sure nothing bad happens there. And that, is the origin of CHIEF PANDA.
4:53 am
das poem
this poem is a classic product of insomnia

thinning nightCollapse )
Tuesday, August 19th, 2003
2:54 pm
wow- i was a real math nerd back then :\ poem from 11th grade geometry class:

intersecting at crossroads,
with faces that share the same nose.
they trail their tracks endlessly,
forming four right angles,
constantly at each other and always in a tangle.

although alike in appearance,
each corner has its own brilliance,
as different as the four corners of the world.
their existance mustn't be ignored.

not as popular as the square,
(who were originally formed under their care),
the perpendicular lines are the basis for many shapes,
and mustn't be though of as having a poor endless fate.

Current Mood: creative
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